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Please Bear in mind that i'm usually pretty busy, so if i don't right back to you, don't feel so bad, i appreciate every little bit of mail that is sent to me..

anywho, i can be reached at:



Not that i actually have a separate IRC channel to call my own, mind you, but i can be most commonly found on the Alternation chatroom, here's a short blurb about such things.

-=+ Alternation Chat Room +=-

Ignoring these rules does not make you immune to them!

Alternation Rules (version 1.0) Please note these rules will change as we progress:

1. Act as you want to be treated. If you act like a brat, you will be
treated like one. If you act maturely, you will find mature conversations.

2. Do not ask for ops (@). If you ask you will NOT receive.

3. What an op (@) says *GOES*.

4. Please do not RP on the Chat.  If people wish to RP, we will deal with that in the future.  For now it's not an RP zone. IF you really really want to RP, go check out

5. Do NOT harass other users.

6. There are different levels of banning. Bans can easily be made
permanent. Serious violations will result in permanent banning.

7. Excessive Idling will not be tolerated! After 30 minutes you will be
kicked off the channel. Any attempt to thwart the idle kill will result in banning.

8. Lorelei reserves the right to kick the ass of anyone that challenges her.  Sorry we can't control her.

9. The channel is but one of many on the IRC network, you are not guaranteed any rights, or respect on the other rooms on the network.  Wander at your own risk.

-=+ Connection Info +=-

#keenshift is located on the Crossroads IRC Network .  All users must adhere to the general rules for the network.

You will need an IRC client to connect to Crossroads.  mIRC and Trillian are the standard chat clients for windows.  Other clients can be found by doing a simple websearch for "IRC client"

-=+ Server information +=-

The channel is #alternation.  Once you have connected, you can type /join #alternation to join.  

Name: Shifters.Org 


Ports: 6667, 7000


Name: Wayah.Net 


Ports: 6661


Name: Therian.Net 


Ports: 6667



And last, but not least, i have a Livejournal not just the one

It's nothing grand, but there you go.


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