The Story so Far..

It is 2008, and five strangers have been abducted to forcibly participate in Genetic Experiments which twist the human form, into one taking on an animalistic appearance.
Horrified and Angry, at the fate that is befallen them, they feel that they have little left to live for.
However, under the strict, militaristic guidence of General William Orville, the now-named "betas" begun their military training in earnist, learning how to survive.. to use weapons of every sort. All as Part of Orville's Plans called "Operation Wendigo" . All situated deep within Middlebrook Military Base, Deep within the western mountain Ranges near Asheville, in North Carolina. But, All things, and People, arn't as they seem to appear...

Enemies of Ages, Legends of Old, Evils of eternity, will revive the three, and Set the prophecy in motion.
.. They Will return..

and they will change this world.. for better, or for worse.


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