The somewhat unwilling leader of the group, Luke himself would like nothing normal to be both Normal, and relatively carefree
But these days, he just wants his group kept intact so nobody loses their way he doesn't wish to be alone in all of this, but fears, one day, he will be alone.

If Luke was the heart, mary would be the soul, Although left somewhat traumatised by her situation, she has found her crutch.. or pillar, in Luke, albiet being perfectly capable of standing on her own two feet, she just chooses not to.
Mary has taken a liking to Luke, and would protect him if the need should arise.



Liegh's large physical build lends to his near-obsessiveness about his physical condition, after learning of the existance of the manitou, his overall reaction to his "condition" has lessened, as he has somehow convinced himself that he'd be amongst the prime examples of his "kind".
He also does try to field the largest hand-held weapons that he'd be capable of lifting.
Beth has been relatively silent about the hand that fate has delt her. Her silent nature, does, however, hide her competance under pressure, this makes her very patient in a crisis. To this end, she prefers to take time certain things, and has adopted scoped rifles, pistols, or any other sharpshooting weapons to be her preferred choice, in weaponry.

As tehcnologically adept he is, Davis' skills are complicated by his slight inferiority complex, and a touch of modesty. Also to note that Davis has no wish to draw attention to himself, as he feels he'll fail at a critical point if he feels to be extremely important.

But if you allow him to work on any Computer or Technological item, and he'll shine.


General William Orville


As Cold and heartless that the general seems to be, he really believes that he is a patriot in every sense, he also seems to have his own, personal agendas as far as the five betas are concerned.

He is a brilliant tactician, and plans things to the finest detail, with layers upon layers, every plausible situation planned and plotted, if he does something, he has a reason for it.

Admiral Heartfeld

As NATO's only Fleet admiral, he has pretty much Full reign over the NCV Cole (NATO Command Vessel), and her support fleet. Heartfeld also has the ability to operate outside the US's Duristiction, and its politics.

His own connections with Orville are unknown, however. Other than his name, and rank, the man himself, is still an enigma.


The Three


As mysterious, and ultimately imtimidating as these three are, they are quite easily the most powerful individuals alive to date, However, one holds much more political power than the other two, and the other, albiet stronger in capabilites, has no political power whatsoever.

The latter has taken an interest in Luke and his friends, and will try to ensure his safety until a personal confrontation can be arranged.

the first one, however, has only appeared to Luke in a moment of unconsciousness, as if he can only talk from afar, or through something else.. he, however, is something more.


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